December 28, 2008


Your welcome JAG! Can I get you to put your name at the end of each post like I do "-Dr. Pete". That would be great. Well I'm happy that Doug is back. He'll be making his BTR re-premier tomorrow night at 8PM Central. Though it does contradict the schedule for Jenn Of The Jungle I will be listening to it. I want to hear the first hand experience of what happened & I also want to invite Doug onto my show Tuesday night. Predictions are that Doug & his guest's shows will raise in ratings by atleast 20%. With that much ratings on the line I'm hoping Doug's possible guest spot will raise mine to an almost equal amount. Right now my Tuesday night show is struggling as it is the same time slot as Loki's Halls Of Valhalla. I hope you will all listen to Doug's show tomorrow night & My show Tuesday night for the account of what has happened.