July 3, 2008


Hello all. Well the search engine supergiant Google: Your #1 Libtard Search Engine, has once again proved their worthlessness. Not since Memorial Day has Google been so anti-American. Once again Yahoo has trumped them. They have once again shown thier love for America. They have an animated flag shaped in the YAHOO logo. Go Yahoo again. They are the real ones. Quite frankly I'm going to delete my gmails the next time this happens. I urge you all to do the same.

-Dr. Pete

July 1, 2008


Hello to you on this wonderful second day of July. We are on the countdown to Independence Day! Once again I want to say that Joe & I will hopefully be doing a show live from our local fireworks display! Now I also want to talk about Obama. He apparently has predicted that "He knows what kind of campaign they (The GOP) will run. They're going to say, he's inexperienced, he's liberal & did we mention? He's black?!". What I find interesting about this is that I haven't once heard a Conservative suggest not voting for Obama because he was black. Now being inexperienced & being a Liberal are reasons to not vote for someone. But being black has nothing to do with it. I hate it when someone I've never even met, who has never even so much as seen a picture of me calls me a stupid racist redneck. Who are you to judge me? I bring up the fact that the man is an elitist with Marxist tendencies & suddenly I'm a racist? Are you kidding me? Because I haven't been Obamatized? What? I thought this was America. I thought this was the place where you can voice your opinions & not be looked down upon. Guess not. In the words of Douglas Gibbs "Freedoms Lost".

-Dr. Pete

June 29, 2008


Obama. What does he stand for? The answer:nothing. What does this tell me? Answer: anyone who supports this man is a nut job. I have to say I think he's the anti-christ. I just wanted to post this to say that anyone who wants to give me material about this let me know. I'll be glad to put it on the blog.