July 1, 2008


Hello to you on this wonderful second day of July. We are on the countdown to Independence Day! Once again I want to say that Joe & I will hopefully be doing a show live from our local fireworks display! Now I also want to talk about Obama. He apparently has predicted that "He knows what kind of campaign they (The GOP) will run. They're going to say, he's inexperienced, he's liberal & did we mention? He's black?!". What I find interesting about this is that I haven't once heard a Conservative suggest not voting for Obama because he was black. Now being inexperienced & being a Liberal are reasons to not vote for someone. But being black has nothing to do with it. I hate it when someone I've never even met, who has never even so much as seen a picture of me calls me a stupid racist redneck. Who are you to judge me? I bring up the fact that the man is an elitist with Marxist tendencies & suddenly I'm a racist? Are you kidding me? Because I haven't been Obamatized? What? I thought this was America. I thought this was the place where you can voice your opinions & not be looked down upon. Guess not. In the words of Douglas Gibbs "Freedoms Lost".

-Dr. Pete

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