August 15, 2008

Jerome Corsi, Controversy, and Political Pistachio Radio

Tonight on Political Pistachio Radio Dr. Jerome Corsi must meet controversy head on!

Dr. Jerome Corsi, staff writer for World Net Daily, has suddenly found himself in the midst of a violent storm of controversy. The WND writer, this week alone, has been the object of numerous television and radio shows as the media tries to wade through the information contained in the book, and determine if the book is truly filled with falsehoods, or is a well researched piece of literature that takes a close and hard look at the Democratic Presidential front-runner, Barack Obama.

The book at the center of the controversy is, The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality. The Huffington Post calls the book, " of the worst political books ever written. Corsi piles distortion upon innuendo to create a gigantic heap of right-wing garbage, with a seemingly endless parade of basic factual errors running through the text like rats. Corsi's book is an embarrassment to the craft of journalism, and any of the conservatives who have praised and promoted it should feel humiliated at how bad it truly is." Media Matters writes that The Obama Nation "contains numerous falsehoods about Sen. Barack Obama." Even Conservative talk show host and Townhall writer Hugh Hewitt exclaims about the book, "Corsi's from the fringe. . . the book contains errors."

Hugh Hewitt, however, also points out that the Obama Campaign has given us an "absurd set of non-responsive responses," and that, "Now they botch a gimmie -- defining Corsi as a nut while not putting attention on the charges he leveled."

Sean Hannity has stated that The Obama Nation "may have made his [Obama's] campaign a bit nervous."

Joseph Farah, founder of World Net Daily, says about the controversy surrounding the book, and Jerome Corsi, "Unlike most of the critics of The Obama Nation, I have actually read the book from cover to cover. It is a thoroughly well-documented piece of first-rate journalism. Are there mistakes in it? Show me a first edition that doesn't have some – other than the Bible. But is it truthful? Does it add considerably to the public's knowledge of the front-running candidate for the presidency? Do we know much more about Obama than we would had we relied exclusively for our information from the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and the Associated Press? I offer a resounding 'yes' to all three of those questions. I am privileged to call him my friend, colleague and co-worker. I stand with Jerry Corsi today as he is viciously maligned by an attack media that would prefer to aim its potent artillery at a man who dared to do their job when they refused, when they laid down, when they sucked up, when they failed to ask the tough questions, when they took sides."

In response, Barack Obama's advisers have been tracking Corsi's media appearances, quickly telephoning producers to react to the book's charges, and last night, the Democratic presidential candidate's campaign issued a 40-page response to the book.

The Democratic National Committee has its own rapid response team to take aim at Corsi's book, saying, "One of the most vile smear peddlers of the 2004 election has found a new target. We cannot afford to let Corsi get away with the same dirty tricks that fooled so many people in 2004. We can't rely on the media to hold him accountable – in fact, the sheer brazenness of the lies is attracting even more coverage. The media have shown that they aren't going to stop him. It's up to you to spread the truth."

So, what is the truth? Is this book a classic smear job? Or is Corsi's book simply caught up in the crosshairs of the leftists because it hits a chord? Is Dr. Jerome Corsi a discredited liar peddling garbage in order to help continue Bush-Cheney politics? Or is he a simply being lynched by the mainstream media and Democratic Party for daring to write the truth? Be the judge yourself. Read the book, and listen to what Dr. Jerome Corsi has to say tonight on Political Pistachio Radio.
The show airs live at 10:00 pm Eastern Time, but will be archived for later listening for those unable to listen live. Access the program HERE.

Georgian Invasion Bush's Fault Says Russia

"Russians were told over breakfast yesterday what really happened in Georgia: the conflict in South Ossetia was part of a plot by Dick Cheney, the Vice-President, to stop Barack Obama being elected president of the United States.

“George Bush's Administration is promoting interests of candidate John McCain,” said Dr Markov. “Defeated by Barak Obama on all fronts, McCain has one last card to play yet - the creation of a virtual Cold War with Russia . . . Bush himself did not want a war in South Ossetia but his Republican Party did not leave him any choice.” The Americans were now engineering an armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Dr Markov added."


-Dr. Pete

Jenn Of The Jungle Being Censored

Jenn Of The Jungle, host of TPJ radio & the author of &, is being censored by BTR. Her avatar depicting a can that said "Wup Ass" was apparently deemed offensive by BTR officials. So she was asked to change her avatar. She, always screaming defiance, changed it to "Wup Fill In The Blank". Now she has been kicked out of Heading Right Radio. Why? Well we don't know yet. Tell BTR how you feel about this by E-Mailing them at:

-Dr. Pete

August 13, 2008

Little Singing Girl At Olympic Opening A Fraud!

Apparently the Chinese have shown how honorable they are once again with a new breaking news story! As it turns out this little girl who sang Ode To The MotherLand (all good little commies know that one) at the Olympic Opening Ceremony wasn't actually singing! That's right she was lip-syncing!! Apparently there was a contest for the best little girl singer. The little girl who won was an amazing singer, however she was quote: "bucktoothed & rather corn fed" so all the politically correct commies replaced her with the little angel you see above! To find out more tune in to the Dr. Pete Show this Friday night at 7 Central/8 EST!

President Bush Orders Humanitarian Airlift to Georgia

As three U.S. Strike Forces prepare to arrive in the Persian Gulf to enforce a partial blockade of Iran's ports, President George W. Bush has ordered a U.S. Air Force - Navy humanitarian airlift to Georgia. The President demanded that Russia open all routes for delivery of humanitarian aid.

The U.S. has also begun to airlift Georgian troops back to the pro-western former Soviet Republic, declaring America's unwavering support for Georgia's democratic government while demanding that Russia cease all military acts and for Russia to withdraw from the positions it has taken since the conflict flared.


Added note: I would like to thank Pete for inviting me to contribute to his blog. As I do on all of the sites I contribute to, I will do my best to provide the most thought-provoking, informative posts I can muster. God Bless, and again, Thank You.

Douglas V. Gibbs

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Barack Obama in 3 1/2 Minutes

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August 12, 2008

No Oil Here, 8 Million Reasons to Question Dems, and A Blogger Retires

As if you needed anymore evidence that Democrats just don't get it, or in my opinion give their allegiance to San Fran Nan rather then folks who put them in office here is yet another life long politician repeating tired old talking points. The Price in this posting is Rep David Price (D-NC04). The folks in this district have a chance to get rid of this guy. He has a Republican opponent, B J Lawson.

Anyways, what really creams my wheats about this mailing is a section he called “Drilling Down the Rhetoric”, wherein he calls expanded drilling a “deeply flawed” idea. He opposes offshore Atlantic drilling because “it would be a dangerous gamble with our state’s important tourism and aquatic resources”. No, Congressman, a dangerous gamble is relying on oil from countries who hate us and who are in a militarily unstable part of the world. And I suggest you ask Brazil and Norway, two countries who have had great success with offshore drilling, how much of a detriment it is to their aquatic and tourism resources.

Price goes on to say that according to the Energy Information Administration’s Annual Energy Outlook, 2007, Atlantic and Pacific drilling “would have no significant impact on production or prices before 2030″. Well, I may not be an energy expert, but I call “BS” on Price and that study. Expanding the supply during a period of heavy demand will almost certainly bring prices down, and it won’t take 23 years to build a damn oil platform or to see price reductions.

$8 million dollars on one Senate race? That is what the Dems are planning to spend in an attempt to unseat Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina. I am as tired as the next guy of all the money being spent to buy elections. Politics has become a cottage industry in America, with untold millions being spent on campaigns. I sometimes wonder how bad our economy would be without the infusion of cash coming from all these campaigns.

National Democrats, already spending nearly $1 million on an ad against Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole, apparently plan to spend an additional $7 million after Labor Day.

And yet another blogger is hanging up his hat.
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August 11, 2008 Olympitus

Yes it would appear that the search engine giant has caught a bit of the Olympitus (the irrational obsesion with the Olympics). They're not the only ones. It would appear that everyone, exempt your humble blogger of course, has caught some Olympitus. THey're everywhere. I've been in Destin all day. I was planning on taking a nice day off from politics however, it would appear that politics are indeed... EVERYWHERE. I ate at O'Charlies & they had the Olympics on, so I traded seats with me dad on the oppesite side of the table. Low & behind what's on that TV? C-Span. Now I must admit that I'm not boycotting C-Spsn & it was on silent but I couldn't help but think about politics. For instance: isn't it sad that instead of live footage from the House Of Representitives that they were showing the "Young Bloggers Of America"? (which by the way includes the author of 750 Volts & the founder of Teens For Clinton & is headed by the author of Daily Kos) This is just my 2 cents

On the announcement front: Douglas Gibbs of has agreed to become a co-author for the blog! I hope ya'll enjoy the variety he will bring for hopefully a very long time!

-Dr. Pete

August 10, 2008

Georgia Withdraws Troops From South Ossetia

"Georgian troops retreated from the breakaway province of South Ossetia on Sunday and their government pressed for a truce, overwhelmed by Russian firepower as the conflict threatened to set off a wider war.

Russia deployed a naval squadron off the coast of another of Georgia's separatist regions, Abkhazia, and its jets bombed the outskirts of Tblisi, the Georgian capital.

Georgia's Security Council chief Alexander Lomaia said he hoped the Georgian withdrawal would be a first step toward a cease-fire. "We communicated that message beforehand to the Russians through (U.S. Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice," he said.

Georgia, whose troops have been trained by American soldiers, began an offensive to regain control over South Ossetia overnight Friday, launching heavy rocket and artillery fire and air strikes that pounded the provincial capital, Tskhinvali."

Well that's a nice signal to send the Russians. "When they push... you roll over!"

-Dr. Pete