August 12, 2008

No Oil Here, 8 Million Reasons to Question Dems, and A Blogger Retires

As if you needed anymore evidence that Democrats just don't get it, or in my opinion give their allegiance to San Fran Nan rather then folks who put them in office here is yet another life long politician repeating tired old talking points. The Price in this posting is Rep David Price (D-NC04). The folks in this district have a chance to get rid of this guy. He has a Republican opponent, B J Lawson.

Anyways, what really creams my wheats about this mailing is a section he called “Drilling Down the Rhetoric”, wherein he calls expanded drilling a “deeply flawed” idea. He opposes offshore Atlantic drilling because “it would be a dangerous gamble with our state’s important tourism and aquatic resources”. No, Congressman, a dangerous gamble is relying on oil from countries who hate us and who are in a militarily unstable part of the world. And I suggest you ask Brazil and Norway, two countries who have had great success with offshore drilling, how much of a detriment it is to their aquatic and tourism resources.

Price goes on to say that according to the Energy Information Administration’s Annual Energy Outlook, 2007, Atlantic and Pacific drilling “would have no significant impact on production or prices before 2030″. Well, I may not be an energy expert, but I call “BS” on Price and that study. Expanding the supply during a period of heavy demand will almost certainly bring prices down, and it won’t take 23 years to build a damn oil platform or to see price reductions.

$8 million dollars on one Senate race? That is what the Dems are planning to spend in an attempt to unseat Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina. I am as tired as the next guy of all the money being spent to buy elections. Politics has become a cottage industry in America, with untold millions being spent on campaigns. I sometimes wonder how bad our economy would be without the infusion of cash coming from all these campaigns.

National Democrats, already spending nearly $1 million on an ad against Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole, apparently plan to spend an additional $7 million after Labor Day.

And yet another blogger is hanging up his hat.
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