August 13, 2008

President Bush Orders Humanitarian Airlift to Georgia

As three U.S. Strike Forces prepare to arrive in the Persian Gulf to enforce a partial blockade of Iran's ports, President George W. Bush has ordered a U.S. Air Force - Navy humanitarian airlift to Georgia. The President demanded that Russia open all routes for delivery of humanitarian aid.

The U.S. has also begun to airlift Georgian troops back to the pro-western former Soviet Republic, declaring America's unwavering support for Georgia's democratic government while demanding that Russia cease all military acts and for Russia to withdraw from the positions it has taken since the conflict flared.


Added note: I would like to thank Pete for inviting me to contribute to his blog. As I do on all of the sites I contribute to, I will do my best to provide the most thought-provoking, informative posts I can muster. God Bless, and again, Thank You.

Douglas V. Gibbs

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