August 9, 2008

Russia Invades Goergia

"Yesterday the world received news that Russian tanks and troops had surged into Georgia's breakaway province, South Ossetia, in order to repel a Georgian offensive to reclaim the region. At that point, fighting was said to have left hundreds dead.

Fierce clashes between Russian and Georgian troops erupted in the southern suburbs of South Ossetia's capital Tskhinvali. Georgia was under heavy bombardment from Russian planes.

In short, Russia has started a full-scale military invasion of Georgia."

-Doug Gibbs of

Now I'm not the expert but it seems to me that America may need to get in there & kick Russia's butts to the curve. But that's just me.

-Dr. Pete

Bernie Mac Rest In Peace

Comedian Bernie Mac died today at the age of 50. The hospital confirmed his cause of death being complications with pneumonia. Goodbye Bernie Mac. You will be missed.

The Olympics

Well folks I'm sitting in the office listening to my dad watch the 2008 Summer Olympics hosted by Beijing. Now you may or may not have heard but China ain't my favorite country. The air quality is so bad there are nickel sized pieces of pollution floating in the air! The American Cyclist Team actually arrived in gas masks! Now they're apologizing! For what?!?! There are people who LIVE in Beijing that walk around in gas masks! How the hell are we the reason for glo-bull warming when the air in Beijing is GREEN?!?!

I doubt I even have to tell you about Tibet! We're talking about the country with the most human rights violations since the USSR! The protesting students who were shot down in cold blood in downtown Beijing because they were holding picket signs! There was a man just 2 weeks ago who was standing in front of the Olympic complex holding a sign that said "Tibet Will Be Free". He, 2 men & a woman (who by the why didn't even know him) were immediately carted off & haven't been heard from since!!

Now the Chinese government is mandating that all hotels in Beijing put spy programs on their computers so the gov can know what the guests are searching for! They also have banned the words "Tibet" & "Dolly Llama" from search engines like Google!

Way to go Olympic Committee! What a wonderful place to hold the Olympics! The entire plan where this makes them less Communist back-fired! They're more insane now than they were before! These people had the nerve to roll their eyes at President Bush when he said there were human rights violations there! Dammit Bush if you want to make a statement, DON'T GO!!!!

-Dr. Pete

Why Isn't CBS Advertising This Townhall Meeting?

On Monday, 11 August, there is going to be a big townhall meeting in the Ft. Hood, TX area made up of active and former military members as well as their families. CBS has agreed to air it live form 9 to 11 PM. Senator McCain will be there but Barry O will be vacation in Hawaii, like the rest of the Democrat party. The one theme that could sum up the Democrats is on vacation. Or out to lunch.
I went to the CBS main website to get information on the show and their website does not list this event. Instead their lineup for that night shows Two and a Half men, Adventures of Christine, and CSI Miami. I checked some of the other links thinking that maybe it just wasn't updated on the main page but I could find no mention of it. So is CBS going to air the program or not? If they are why aren't they promoting it? I don't watch enough tv to know if they have shown any commercial concerning the show or not.
So I am calling on all the blogger community and will reach out to the #dontgo crowd to try and get the word out.
Just another example of old media deciding what is best for you?

Okay Republicans here is another idea for a commercial. Think of the scene from Ferris Buellar's Day Off where Ben Stein is standing at the front of the classroom and repeating Buellar, Buellar....
except now make it Barack, Barack, and somehow tie in all of his present votes.

August 8, 2008


Hello all! I really don't have much to talk about today considering that I haven't been online in a while so I just want to invite you to the Dr. Pete Show tonight at 7 Central, 8 EST! Please tune in!

-Dr. Pete