August 9, 2008

The Olympics

Well folks I'm sitting in the office listening to my dad watch the 2008 Summer Olympics hosted by Beijing. Now you may or may not have heard but China ain't my favorite country. The air quality is so bad there are nickel sized pieces of pollution floating in the air! The American Cyclist Team actually arrived in gas masks! Now they're apologizing! For what?!?! There are people who LIVE in Beijing that walk around in gas masks! How the hell are we the reason for glo-bull warming when the air in Beijing is GREEN?!?!

I doubt I even have to tell you about Tibet! We're talking about the country with the most human rights violations since the USSR! The protesting students who were shot down in cold blood in downtown Beijing because they were holding picket signs! There was a man just 2 weeks ago who was standing in front of the Olympic complex holding a sign that said "Tibet Will Be Free". He, 2 men & a woman (who by the why didn't even know him) were immediately carted off & haven't been heard from since!!

Now the Chinese government is mandating that all hotels in Beijing put spy programs on their computers so the gov can know what the guests are searching for! They also have banned the words "Tibet" & "Dolly Llama" from search engines like Google!

Way to go Olympic Committee! What a wonderful place to hold the Olympics! The entire plan where this makes them less Communist back-fired! They're more insane now than they were before! These people had the nerve to roll their eyes at President Bush when he said there were human rights violations there! Dammit Bush if you want to make a statement, DON'T GO!!!!

-Dr. Pete

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