August 11, 2008 Olympitus

Yes it would appear that the search engine giant has caught a bit of the Olympitus (the irrational obsesion with the Olympics). They're not the only ones. It would appear that everyone, exempt your humble blogger of course, has caught some Olympitus. THey're everywhere. I've been in Destin all day. I was planning on taking a nice day off from politics however, it would appear that politics are indeed... EVERYWHERE. I ate at O'Charlies & they had the Olympics on, so I traded seats with me dad on the oppesite side of the table. Low & behind what's on that TV? C-Span. Now I must admit that I'm not boycotting C-Spsn & it was on silent but I couldn't help but think about politics. For instance: isn't it sad that instead of live footage from the House Of Representitives that they were showing the "Young Bloggers Of America"? (which by the way includes the author of 750 Volts & the founder of Teens For Clinton & is headed by the author of Daily Kos) This is just my 2 cents

On the announcement front: Douglas Gibbs of has agreed to become a co-author for the blog! I hope ya'll enjoy the variety he will bring for hopefully a very long time!

-Dr. Pete

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