June 17, 2008


Hello all. I'm listening to BTR show after BTR show in order to get some stuff to talk about. Gays seem to be the big talking point lately. Ever since Saturday's episode of Political Pastatio, where Doug talked about homosexuality & manturnity leave. A gay guy called in & did a prank called. Thank his flaming homo friend called in & did another prank call. I got Doug to give me the area code. It's 423 for those of you BTR hosts out there. That's the Frisco area. I'm definitely gonna talk about that today. I also want to talk about VH1 & their new idiotic commercial. They are releasing the latest of their "I Love The..." decade satire series. It's called "I Love The New Mellinium". Fine. Make the new series. In fact I was looking forward to it when I read about it on the web. Than I saw the commercial. Lets just say I will not be watching it, in fact I will be leading a boycott on the series. The commercial goes as follows. We see Bush sitting in his office & the phone rings. He picks it up & says "Hello?". We see Cheney on the other end in hunting gear. He says "Watsup?" Bush goes "Whatsup?" Than Condi calls. This is the part that made me mad. She has buckteeth & says "WHATSUP!?!?!" That's what made me mad. The woman is a certified GENIOUS OK. You call me racist for acknowledging racism? You just called one of the smartest black women in the world! That's all for today.

-Dr. Pete.

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