June 22, 2008

Thank You to Dr Pete

I want to thank Dr Pete for extending an invitation to me to come over here once in awhile and post items on his blog. This is his blog, and Dr Pete is one of the finest, and smartest young men I have had the pleasure meeting.
I firmly believe that the future of conservatism must be vested into the younger generation, and Dr Pete certainly represents those sentiments nicely. It is so good to meet a young person of his caliber.
I became acquainted with Dr Pete via Blog Talk Radio, BTR, and I am very impressed at the manner in which the young man carries himself and his grasp of the American political scene.
I encourage people to allow the younger generation to explore American politics,not only as a civics lesson but to develop a deeper understanding of just how our country's government works.
Since this is a site that should be devoted to the younger folks I am going to try and keep my involvement to a minimum, since I too want to hear from younger folks, to see what their concerns are and what they want to see from their politicians. You are the future and we should always be looking to the future.
I wish Dr Pete the best of luck in connecting with the younger people, and I look forward to reading your comments and reading Dr Pete's take on things in his world.

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