October 11, 2008

My Review Of American Carol

OK folks I've had a pretty good day. One of the things I did was go see American Carol. Here's my reveiw.

Plot: Terrorists, feeling they need a new recruitment ad, enlist the help of "Michael Malone" a Liberal documentary maker. He agrees to help them on one condition, the movie has to be HIS script. While this is all happening Malone is working on a Campaign to abolish the fourth of July. He is visited by four spirits (General Patton, George Washington, Trace Adkins & JFK) who help him learn the true meaning of July Fourth.

Good- This is a Conservative film with lots of punches at the Left. It shows support towards the military as it's strong point. It seems to really do it's purpose of getting under the Left's skin.

Bad- These guys don't know what they've come across on some of this stuff! They don't use the majority of their stuff nearly long enough. I am still begging to see more Rosie O'Connel!

Conclusion- This is a great movie that will keep you laughing from start to finish. I recommend you go see it IMMEDIATELY!!

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