October 3, 2009

Copenhagen: Our Top Priority In Obama's War On Humility

Thousands of soldiers are dieing in a war that Congress & this administration have no intention of winning. The economy is in shambles. The Senate is attempted to create a healthcare bill (which by the way, the senate creating a bill is unconstitutional in & of itself regardless of it's content). American society is as idiotic as ever. So what does this hopeful young & change-ish president do? Well he emits tens of tons of emissions by sending two separate jumbo jets to Copenhagen so he could push his adopted hometown as a possibility for the Olympics. He did take the time to speak with his top general in Afghanistan about a report filed in August for 25 minutes while aboard Air Force One. This entire debacle has shown such an incredible arrogance in the administration that I find myself once again ashamed of this president. Meanwhile we have the stupidest President in history telling us that Conservatives are angry because we just don't like black people. I think that one of my Libertarian friends at wakeupamericans.webs.com said it best like this:

"Dear Senator Sherrod Brown:

I oppose the cap and trade bill because………Obama is black!

Instead of wasting two sheets of paper I can simply use one sheet. Hell, I can just jot it down on a post card and save postage! Wow! Thank you Jimmy Carter!"

If there was anyone with an intelligence quotient higher than that of Forest Gump's (I believe Gump said his IQ was 76) working in the administration, then we wouldn't have to deal with this crap. Robert Gibbs would have publicly disapproved of Carter's comments on behalf of the president citing something to the effect of "Everyone has a delusional uncle".(Then again if this administration was smarter than Forest Gump, Robert Gibbs wouldn't have a job)Rahm Emmanuel would have said that the demonstrators on 9/12 represented a large portion of Americans, rather than the admittedly simple "They're wrong". If this adminastration had a worker who was actually thinking for a change, our policy on Iran wouldn't be "We'll worry about it once they get nukes." Why is Iran getting nuclear weapons even considered a possibility by this adminastration?

Because I can't really think of a way to end this entry eloquently I think I'll just say:
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~Dr. Pete

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