June 26, 2008


Hello all. Praise God (yes I capitalized God) that the Supreme Court finally made the right decision. Today they ruled to abolish the ruling that made DC a gun free zone. What's disturbing is that it was a 4-5 vote. I would think something like the 2nd amendment would get a higher approval rating. It really is sad. Do we not see how far we have gone? "the right for a militia to bare arms". My Webster's 1991 edition defines militia as "a militant group called upon to defend an object or an idea.". In my mind that means anyone is a militia. Now I've heard the question roaming around BTR from the Left asking if owning a gun is Godly since God is anti-violence. That isn't true. The Bible says that God will raise up a standard against the enemies of the people of God. That means we Christians have the right to kill anyone who threatens us. Yes libtards I said kill. If someone enters my home & threatens me (yes I'm 12) I will go to where my guns are, get one, & kill the person. I will not hesitate to fire. As Doug from Political Pistachio says, "the only way you will leave my home is in a body bag". I know where the guns are in my home. We happen to have 3. Two handguns & one rifle. The handguns have interesting stories. One of them was taken from the body of a Nazi my great grandfather shot in WW2. It has the Nazi eagle & Swastika on the butt. The other belonged to one of my great great great great grandfathers who was a frontiersman in the West. My family has been fighting for this nation's freedom since it's beginning. I have relatives in the Revolutionary War. One of them was actually a double agent who reported directly to Washington. Don't tell me about self-defense. Self-defense runs in my freaking veins!

-Dr. Pete

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Tea Thymer said...

Ok, here's a comment for you. Revolutionary war--Col. Thomas Goode, Joseph Bathurst Stith, (Those would be 5 'greats' back from me)
Jacob Creighton Walton--Company A 16th Arkansas Infantry, CSA; (he was my great-great grandfather) Raymond Hendrick Teller (WWI wounded in action) Dr. Rhoda Grace Hendrick (aunt of my grandfather) Medical Dr served during WWI Gilbert Rankin, infantry WWI;
WWII-- my father and uncle--one wounded in the Pacific, one served in the Atlantic.
Korea--Daddy, again and 3 (maybe 4) uncles
Vietnam--Daddy, again, brother, husband, and a smattering of cousins
Gulf War I brother again, husband again, neice also--and another smattering of cousins.
Gulf War 2--husband, again, neice again, daughter again, and another smattering of cousins.
Yeah, we know about self defense too.