December 4, 2008

Fox News- "It's not unusual for senior lawmakers in Congress to have buildings named after them back home, on account of the money they bring back to their districts. But Obama, who will not assume the presidency until Jan. 20, is the first living politician to have a holiday declared in his name. Two weeks ago, Perry County in Alabama approved a paid holiday, on which public employees will celebrate the historic nature of his victory as the first African-American president.

"In America, we celebrate historic events with holidays," said Commissioner Albert Turner Jr., who was the sponsor of the resolution passed in a 4-1 vote by the Perry County Commission.

"Never again will this event occur in which a person of African-American descent will be the first African-American to assume the office," Turner told"

Are you kidding me? A holiday? The man is going to be possibly the WORST president of all time & he gets a freaking holiday?!

~Dr. Pete

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